Snow biking is the best way to get a winter fix for the genuine bike addicts out there. Riding on snow is slower and harder than its summer equivalent, but the experience and adventure of being out there on your bike more than make up for the extra effort required!

Although a bike with fat tires (usually 3.7” or larger) makes riding on snow much easier, a lot of the single track around Canmore is so well-travelled all year round that it’s often possible to get out for a winter ride on your normal mountain bike – just let a little air out of your tires, and enjoy the ride!


Most of the trails in town which are ridden by keen summer dirt-seekers also get plenty of travel over winter. The Nordic Centre, the Horseshoe trails by Cougar Creek, and the Highline trail can all be great fun in the snow. Be aware that trail closures are in place in some areas over winter, affecting parts of the Montane, G8 and Nordic Centre trails.

Winter cycling is permitted at the Canmore Nordic Centre, although there are restrictions relating to which trails you can cycle. For more details, see the Canmore Nordic Centre’s website here.

Megan snow 20130209_135111-X2TRAIL CONDITIONS
Trail conditions can vary so check if there has been recent snowfall or above freezing temperatures – the best trail to ride may depend on what the weather has been like recently.

There’s a keen local cohort of fat tire lovers who will be out with snow shoes, packing trails down after big snow falls. Depending on the weather, some trails become icy, especially towards the end of winter, so studded fat tires can be a good idea – although many riders manage without. Remember, it’s a bad idea to ride during a chinook, or any time the temperatures have started creeping above freezing.

Fatbiking Alberta is a community page where you may be able to find information regarding trail conditions in the Canmore area. If you use facebook, Bow Valley Fat-Bike Riders is another place where updates about trail conditions are posted.


Bikes for hire or purchase can be found at the local bike stores, or with Trail Sports at the Nordic Centre.

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