Are you interested in increasing your bike storage at your business? Here are a few recommendations to ensure that your infrastructure fits the criteria of the APEP Guidelines:

For a simple and functional approach, th Town of Canmore recommends installation of single staple racks on concrete pads.

Below is the specifications and price for a staple rack provided by Custom Park and Lesiure based out of Calgary Alberta.

Understanding the critical components that contribute to an effective bike rack is a critical first step. The following is a summary of what is provided in the APEP Guidelines. Click here to access the full Guidelines.

Performance Criteria for Bike Parking Racks

  1. Supports bike upright without putting stress on wheels
    The rack should provide two points of contact with the frame
  2. Accommodates a variety of bicycles and attachments
    The racks recommended below (“racks for all applications”) serve nearly all
    common bike styles and attachments—if installed with proper clearances. Avoid designs and spacing that restrict the length, height, or
    width of bicycles, attachments, or wheels.
  3. Allows locking of frame and at least one wheel with a U-lock
    A closed loop of the rack should allow a single U-lock to capture one wheel and a
    closed section of the bike frame.
  4. Provides security and longevity features appropriate for the intended location
    Steel and stainless steel are common and appropriate materials for most general use racks. Use tamper-resistant mounting hardware in vulnerable locations.
    Rack finish must be appropriate to the location (see materials and coatings section).

5. Rack Use is Intuitive                                                                                                    First-time users should recognize the rack as bicycle parking and should be able      to use it as intended without the need for written instructions.