We’re Bike Friendly!

This year, we have a number of returning Bike Friendly Businesses that we’re continuing to work with to make Canmore an even more Bike Friendly community.

If you want to learn more about the program or find out how to get involved, check out this page for more info:  http://bikecanmore.ca/bike-friendly/be-bike-friendly/

Don’t be shy! Let businesses know that you’re on a bike and ask if they’re bike friendly and what they’re offering.

Here are some of the great Bike Friendly Businesses we have had apply for the 2018 program!  This list is getting updated regularly with more businesses keen to participate, so stay tuned – and if you want to see your name up here or have us add more information about your business, contact amacdonald@canmore.ca

106.5 Mountain FMhttp://www.mountainfm.ca/

Click here to hear Sara Renner and Paula Remple talk with Rob Murray about their involvement in the 2018 Bike Friendly Business Program! Listen in to find out how your business can                                           be a part of making Canmore more Bike Friendly!

Edible Lifehttp://www.anediblelife.ca/

As you might have guessed from our logo, we are bike and nutrition crazy at An Edible Life and would love to be part of fueling your rides!  In 2017 we purchased a cargo bike so we can pedal Smoothsicles and treats to special events and occasional jaunts around town.  If you stop by on your bike at our location at 112 Kananaskis Way we will happily give you 10% off any beverage and refill your water bottle.  We make awesome, healthy smoothies! We also encourage our staff to ride by providing secure bike parking and are looking into other ways to incentivize them to ride.  We look forward to seeing you!

Good Earth Coffeehouse-http://goodearthcoffeehouse.com/coffee

Good Earth is proud to be in its 4th year as a Bike Friendly Business.  There is convenient Bike Parking just outside both our downtown location, and Elevation Place. We offer a free  medium specialty coffee with a $10 purchase and are happy to  refill water bottles.

We have been proud sponsors of Canmore Community Cruisers Bike to Work Day and encourage our own employees to ride year round by offering secure covered and locked bike storage., we have also purchased a “loaner” bike for staff use. We would also like to start incentivising regular employee riders with a gift certificate for bike maintenance.

We appreciate and enjoy the cyclists and hope you will come in and enjoy our atmosphere, decks and Friday night concerts!

Spring Creek Mountain Village   – https://www.springcreekrealestate.ca/

At Spring Creek we are delighted to see guests and residents alike use the beautiful pathways and bridges that easily connect to Downtown and Elevation Place, while enjoying the beauty of both Policeman’s Creek and Spring Creek.  Early in the morning you will see groups of kids taking these trails to school, and later you may see volunteers taking residents from Origin on the Town’s “Cycling Without Age” trishaw bikes.  Having so many locals enjoy the trails ensures there is always an unofficial “ambassador” willing to point a guest in the right direction or share their love for Canmore.

 We also have 8 townie style community bikes available to guests, homeowners and staff. The complimentary community bikes have been a huge hit! Mostly used by guests staying at Rundle Cliffs Lodge, the bikes enhance the guest experience as it allows them to enjoy VIP bike parking at many establishments and avoid traffic.

As Spring Creek has grown, so has our biking infrastructure. The entrance to Spring Creek Drive from Main street now boasts a dedicated lane for both cyclists and pedestrians.  In addition, numerous bike racks and bike maintenance stand have been installed along the paved pathways.  We look forward to the opening of the Malcolm Hotel as another enjoyable option for guests to walk and bike downtown.

Interested in learning more about the community bikes? Check out the website here Spring Creek Community Bicycles

Paintbox Lodge – http://paintboxlodge.com/

At Paintbox Lodge we are all about enhancing our guests experiences through our own love for bikes and self-propelling ourselves through our beautiful mountain town.  We provide guests with complimentary townies and share our secrets of the many trails to enjoy.  This year we decided a fun way to expand that enjoyment was to add transportable hammocks and ideas on where to hang them!

We fully appreciate our own staff who contribute to a greener Canmore by riding to work (we know you appreciate them freeing up some parking spaces too). Staff who ride earn a day off with pay and we also have a $250 “pimp your ride fund”

We want you to enjoy Canmore the way we do with our family.  Happy biking to you all!

Carmella Marketinghttps://carmellaconsulting.com/

We have already been enjoying using our social media to promote Bike Friendly Businesses, and our owner has happily been setting the example by riding her bike to work, errands and pleasure for years!  We replenish riders energy with chocolate covered almonds and look forward to starting a wall of fame to celebrate those who bike to our office!  We enjoy all the   benefits of riding personally, and the benefits to our community as a whole.

Tourism Canmore Kananaskis-http://www.tourismcanmore.com/

We are happy to connect our members to the information and application opportunities found on bikecanmore.ca. We will provide links to Bike Friendly Business Applications and explain that there are also opportunities for Bike Infrastructure grants to participating businesses.  We will encourage members to ensure their staff are knowledgeable in ways to direct guests downtown by walking or riding their bikes in an effort to enhance visitor experience while reducing congestion.

Mountain Munchkinhttp://www.mountainmunchkin.com/

Mountain Munchkins is proud to offer education and support to staff and families on the benefits of biking in Canmore.  It is our hope by doing so that the youngest riders will understand the rules of safety on trails and the roads, the health benefits, what they are contributing to the environment, providing parking to those who need it, and reducing congestion.

Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Center-https://www.coasthotels.com/hotels/ab/canmore

Coast Hotel in proud to be a leader on the Bow Valley Trail as a Bike Friendly Business. We are a central location, close to popular destinations like Downtown Canmore, Elevation Place, and some excellent restaurants (including our own TABLE Food + Drink) Grizzly Paw Brewery, local coffee shops, and bike paths on Bow Valley Trail.  This lends itself to the joy of walking or biking scenic trails that may improve your experience while avoiding congestion or need for parking.  We believe in going green, we have offered guests to participate in our  E- Coast program during their stay where they receive a gift in exchange for fresh towels daily, etc.  we also offer water station in our lobby and fitness center for guests to refill their water bottles (reusable water bottles are also available for purchase at our front desk ).  Cyclists can also enjoy grabbing a piece of fresh fruit on the way out the front door.  If you do not have a bike or would like to familiarize yourself with trails bikecanmore.ca is a great resource to help plan your next Bike Friendly vacation!

Mountain Mercato – http://www.mountainmercato.com/

Bike Friendly aligns well with the values of Mountain Mercato.  We love our edible garden, our recycling program and encouraging green travel whenever possible.  Currently 13 of our 15 employees arrive by alternative transportation, saving a parking spots for other employees and customers who need to drive downtown.  Many people will recognize the bike corral and summer patios at the front, but we have continued that fun all the way to the back.  Employees have created pallet bike parking, edible garden, and recycling depo out back…we’re so proud of it that we even host a table for Food Tours out back to share our passion.

If you ride your bike make sure and fill your bottles at our water station and let us know when you order.  We are happy to offer you a free coffee when you have an order of $10 or more.  We also love collaborating with other Bike Friendly Businesses and volunteering for Community Cruiser events.  Currently we partner with Canmore Museum by offering %15 off here if you visit the Museum and look forward to sharing employee incentives to cheer on our staff.

Watch for our “chalk-board specials”, you never know when there might be a special offer for cyclists!

Rebound Cycle – http://www.tourismcanmore.com/pages/members_profile/rebound-cycle

“You could say we eat, sleep, and dream about bikes!”

Rebound Cycle created the Adventure Centre a year ago to help promote cycling in the Bow    Valley. A number of the staff are Ride Guide trained, as well as First Aid/CPR, who can take out groups and/or individuals for a custom cycling experience.

Rebound offers free estimates on all bikes as well as a program for people to sell their old bikes for store credit to get into new bikes/service/parts/etc. Their creative “demo” program allows customers to rent a bike for the day and that fee will be deducted off of their new bike if they decide to purchase it.For 2018 and onward, Rebound Cycle will offer a free pick-up and delivery of bikes in need of repair and completed repairs to our Bow Valley customers. New bike purchases included! (Reservation required) We have a unique Bike Supply vending machine and an on site fix it station.

Rebound hasn’t forgotten about their staff either. They offer a discount structure to keep their staff riding all the time, including staff free rental bikes for when they have friends or family visiting.

Rebound is a supporter and sponsor of the RMCC (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club), supporter of CAMBA (with owner Tyson sitting on the board of directors), as well as a supporter of Canmore Community Cruisers!  We are so happy with all the ways Canmore Bike Culture supports each other!

Rundle Physiotherapy – http://www.rundlephysiotherapy.ca/

We are happy cycle enthusiasts at Rundle Mountain Therapy, celebrating and encouraging cycling as part of our  staff & customers commute and therapy.  If they are not quite ready for outdoor trails, we have an indoor bike as part of helping  them get  back to doing what they love.  We have occasional draws for those who ride, and as we love to collaborate with the other businesses in our area we are considering a special treat from Le Fournil for our frequent riders. (tempted?). Happy riding, and do see us if you need some help getting back      on those trails!

Table Food + Drink – http://tablefoodanddrink.com/

TABLE food + drink has a handy commuting bike path leading right up to our restaurant entrance (in the Coast Canmore Hotel).  Make sure to let our staff know that you rode your bike because we offer coffee, tea, juice or a fruit plate when you do!  The restaurant, lounge and patio are all perfect for refreshing drinks and snacks for you and your companions after your ride.

We are also happy partners of the Town of Canmore’s Cycling Without Age program , offering both riders and volunteer’s a complimentary coffee, tea, juice or a fruit plate on their bike outings

The Market Bistro – http://www.3sistersmarket.ca/

Market Bistro and the Bike Friendly program started about the same time 4 years ago.  It is something we were enthused about immediately.  Having customers ski or bike to our restaurant delights us, and now we are seeing more & more fat bikes and it’s lots of fun!  Make sure and let us know when you bike here.  We offer a free limeade in the summer, or coffee in the winter with a $10 purchase.  We will happily refill your water bottles, and if you are exhausted (or have had too much of our great wine selection), ROAM bus stops right by our restaurant and lets you take your bike on at no extra cost.  If you need a repair, we have a Bike Fix it Stand and you can’t beat our VIP Bike parking.

We also support our employees who ride.  One of our employees, Davide, bikes every day and gets quite a work out!

We will give employees Roam vouchers so they keep biking to work (even when they want an easier way back home after a big day at work when they finish late). We love the Roam bike facility!!! Makes it easier for our staff to bike to work without having to think about their way back (if it is going to be cold, dark, raining or if they will be too tired

We enjoy biking too, and our happy to share our knowledge of the local trails with you!”

ISL Engineering and Land Services                                           –http://www.islengineering.com/

We encourage continued bike travel all year round and challenge our staff to not bring a car to town. We promote bike friendly designs in all engineered structures and municipal designs we work on. We are happy to lead by example and create a bike friendly work culture.

Bow Valley Business Consulting

We are a home based contracting business, so it’s a reverse commute for us.  We made a conscious decision years ago to park our cars and bike to meetings and errands whenever possible, when we decided to do it year round we even had our Townies studded before we saved them for summer and got FAT Bikes.  We save up part of our income for bike fun.  We now have loaners for guests so we can share our love for the beautiful commute on two wheels.  The friendly Bike Culture and beautiful trails that have been developed over the 20 plus years we have lived here bring us so much enjoyment.  We’re delighted a home based business can take part, and if anyone also rides to our meetings, coffee is ALWAYS on us!

Downtown Canmore (BRZ) https://visitdowntowncanmore.com/

We will communicate through our newsletters and meetings the opportunities and potential impact businesses may have by supporting the Canmore Bike Friendly program.  We will present this as one alternatives for businesses who are concerned about downtown parking and congestion. We will encourage creativity in providing incentives to guest and staff willing to ride their bikes.  Links to the Bike Friendly application, and the possibility for Bike Infrastructure grants to participating businesses will also be included in our communications as a group.

 Iron Goat-http://www.irongoat.ca/

The views and VIP bike parking make Iron Goat a wonderful way to end your ride on the trails around and leading up to Iron Goat.  We are happy to refill water bottles and provide a secure bike valet on the side of our patio.  We offer to help staff purchase bikes so they can ride to work. As our way of saying thanks for freeing up a parking spot and reducing congestion!

We love and support our enthused biking community so offer free meeting space to bike clubs such as RMCC, CAMBA, and Canmore Culture Cycling Club.  We also look forward to being part of the Canmore Uncorked Progressive Bike dinner again in 2018!

Travel Alberta – Canmore Visitor Information Centre –https://www.travelalberta.com

As travel counselors for all of Alberta we are extremely happy to pass on Bike Friendly information to any cyclists regarding bike trails,  bike events, and participating Bike Friendly Businesses by using Canmore Bike maps and bikecanmore.ca as part of our knowledge base.  We can also encourage Legacy Trail riders to keep their cars parked at our centre and consider riding into the downtown area.

We are also excited to have our own Travel Alberta cargo bike that allows us to be mobile travel counselors throughout the town.  This also helps us be familiar with some of the trails to suggest to visitors!

Canmore Golf and Curling Club – http://www.canmoregolf.net/

Ride to your recreation! Canmore Golf and Curling Club is a bike friendly business, keen to expand and further develop their on-site bike parking.


Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre-http://canmoremuseum.com/           

Anytime you come on a bike we also offer a 10% discount on our gift store product or bring     your museum receipt for 15% off at Bike Friendly Mountain Mercato.

Trail Sports Inc. – http://trailsports.ab.ca/

If you don’t currently have a bike, or would like to test out a different one, check out the rentals at Trail Sports!  They also offer lessons for those keen to develop new skills or refine       their own!

Back at It Massage & Acupuncturehttp://backatitmassage.com/

We are happy to be new members of Bike Friendly!  We have been employing some great parking strategies at our location in Banff, we even have a couple of bikes on hand to make errands easy on staff so we will be looking on how to do something similar in Canmore.  With the new Bike lanes on Bow Valley trail we will also start having some draws for customers who ride. We all enjoy biking and look forward to making this initiative a team project!

The Grizzly Paw Pub & Brewery Company-https://www.thegrizzlypaw.com/micro-brewery-pub-and-restaurant-in-canmore/

Grizzly Paw Pub

“We love to see the bike corral in front of our pub full and welcome all for an after bike beer cheers at our downtown location.  Keep your eyes open for special bike incentives to keep you rolling in!  We also really appreciate the open parking spots are work team helps with when they ride so we make sure there are some great weekly draws for free gift cards to local other local businesses to say thanks!”

Grizzly Paw Brewery

“We’ve been excited about all kinds of green practices at the Grizzly Paw Brewery, from recycling grains to encouraging customers to ride on in for our popular brewery tours!  There are great paved trails leading to the front of the brewery and a single mountain bike trail coming in the back.  We’ve displayed the local bike trail map and will do our best to suggest trails and even have the ROAM bus route very close if you are your bike need a lift.  We purchased a couple of Townies with                                            Grizzly Paw signage for  free use for staff errands and guests                                              (upon request). Enjoy $2 off brewery tours if you bike to the                                                 brewery!”

Silver Tree Studiohttp://www.lynnelharrison.ca/silver-tree-studio-canmore-alberta.html

Hi, I’m Lynne Harrison.  Owner, operator and resident artist of Silver Tree studio.  Depending on the season you will probably notice our space on Main Street because a pink fat bike or townie will be in front of a gallery full of colour. It’s an awesome little commute to the store and we would be happy to share the simple pleasure of biking in Canmore with you.  You can often find me painting or chatting in the store, or my friend and colleague, musician Lori Reid strumming some tunes.  We enjoy the feeling of a local living room that we invite you in to enjoy with us.  Recently I have designed some of my bright paintings into bike and ski wear, Alchemy of a Ride.  Pop in and see if you might want to ride away with a memory of your Canmore visit, whether it be art, local music, or just a warm welcome to enjoy the Canmore vibe.


Bow Valley Primary Care Network (PCN)http://bowvalleypcn.ca

Canmore Bike Friendly fits well with the goals of Primary Care Network and we’re delighted to help spread the word about a    program that encourages cycling as an active transportation    option.  We learned that there are two other businesses  (Rundle Physiotherapy & Back at it Massage) in our building that are participating and look forward to meeting with them and other businesses to       see how we can incentivize and encourage customers and staff willing and able to bike! If all      goes well, ALL businesses in the Rocky Mountain Professional Centre will be bike friendly!

Biosphere Institutehttp://biosphereinstitute.org/

At the Biosphere Institute, we celebrate the small steps people are taking towards making our valley more sustainable. We offer friendly and knowledgeable advice regarding safe cycling in the Bow Valley, and create opportunities for cyclists to share their successes with the greater community to inspire others to take action, one pedal at a time!

Staff choose to cycle to work whenever possible and often get the opportunity to share green practices en-route. It’s been a great way to contribute to the town of Canmore’s Sustainability Action Plan .

We keep people informed of incentives through social medial, networking, and hosting of events related to local cycling Stop by to refill your water bottle and to check out our drop-in Resource Centre.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread-http://rockymountainflatbread.ca/canmore

Rocky Mountain Flatbread has plenty of healthy items to fuel your rides. We will happily fill your water bottles and our staff will do our best to help point you in the right direction whether you’re heading to the trail or want to take your bike on the ROAM bus. We appreciate our staff who also ride and they can enter for                                               some special draws when they ride.



Bike Friendly Crazyweed took advantage of the Bike Infrastructure grant in 2015 when they were renovating inside.  You now can pull off any trail leading up to Crazyweed and have VIP bike parking and owner/operators Jan & Eden think it’s one of the best things they ever did.  As a special incentive to those tough winter riders they are offering 15% off lunch if you ride. In addition to offering this generous incentive they are committed to promoting cycling  awareness and promoting Canmore as Alberta’s most bike friendly town

The Rose and Crownhttps://www.therosecanmore.com/


ProStar Restoration-http://www.prostarcleaning.com/

Cyd Fraser-http://cydfraser.ca/

Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Fest-http://plaidgoat.ca/

McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. –http://www.mcelhanney.com/


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