Become a Bike Friendly Business

Canmore’s Bike Friendly Business Program was born in 2014 through collaboration with the Canmore Downtown BRZ, businesses, and community stakeholders.

Bikes are part of our culture in Canmore and our Bicycle Friendly Business Program showcases the initiatives of our business community to residents and visitors. Bike Friendly Canmore serves as a recognition and training program aimed to:

  • Showcase bicycle friendly businesses and their efforts to enhance the Canmore Biking experience for residents and visitors
  • Provide guidance to businesses on how to be Bicycle Friendly and information on resources available to them and cycling assets in Canmore
  • Increase awareness about the positive transportation, social, cultural, economic, and environmental benefits of Canmore’s cycling community and rapidly growing bike tourism industry
 BFC2016Bike Friendly Business - 2016

To be recognized as Bicycle Friendly, businesses are required to submit a successful Bike Friendly Business Application that generally exudes enthusiasm about encouraging cycling in Canmore. Some things that are considered include:

  • What amazing incentives will be offered to your biking patrons?
  • Are bike racks provided at your business?
  • Are you and your staff in-the-know with all things biking in Canmore Kananaskis and excited to share your passion with customers?
  • Are incentives offered for staff biking to work?

Why Be Bike Friendly?

Primarily because biking is awesome! But here are lots of other great reasons to be a Bike Friendly Business too.

  • Bicyclists shop more often and overall spend more than motorists
  • Bicyclists are more likely than drivers to notice and visit businesses because they travel at a more human-scale speed
  • A small reduction in driving brings a drop in traffic. Converting car driving staff and customers into bicyclists opens up the roads for those who need to drive
  • Incentivizing staff and customers to bike instead of drive opens up parking for those who need it most, such as customers traveling from far away and people unable to ride a bike. In Canmore’s Town Centre it is estimated that each parking stall costs roughly $50,000.
  • Increased bicycling brings vibrancy to the neighborhood by helping make the street a place to be, not just a place to move through.
  • Bicycling is increasing among all age groups, and driving is down among 16-34-year-olds.
  • With over 100,000 counts annually on the Legacy Trail, about 50,000 counts annually on the Nordic Centre’s “FYI” trail and about 320,000 counts annually from people using the pedestrian/cyclist CPR crossing into the Town Centre there’s no doubt that bikes mean business!
  • Bike Friendly Businesses are eligible for the Bike Infrastructure Incentive! See Build Bike Friendly for more details.

We want to help you be Bike Friendly too. We’ll hook you up with:

  • Bike Friendly branding
  • Guidance on being part of Canmore’s Bike Friendly community
  • Website recognition as a Bike Friendly Business
  • Tweets and posts about your bike friendly activities such as events you’re hosting or participating in
  • Maps of bike trails and decals
  • Information on upcoming events and bike amenities in Canmore
We’re currently developing our Bike Friendly Program for 2017.  Stay tuned for more details to come or email Lauren at if you want to learn more! 
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