XCX Marathon


The XCX Marathon is a marathon-style cyclocross / mountain bike race at the Canmore Nordic Centre on September 3, 2017.

The course will be either two or four laps of a ~17km loop with ~300m of climb per lap. So you can enter either the 35km event (600m climb)  or the 70km event (1200m climb).

All bikes are welcome: cyclocross, mountain bike, etc., though certain course components will vary based on your bike selection:

  • The main loop (cyclocross bikes) will be 100% on the XC ski trails, which are wide, hard-packed, mostly (but certainly not all) smooth-ish (think tough cyclocross race course), mostly rolling but with some steeper climbing sections and some fast downhill sections.
  • Mountain bikes will be required to ride mandatory singletrack sections that parallel the main course. These will be short sections that veer off then reconnect to the main course (think “suspension tax”). These tracks will include gritty climbs, flowy speed sections, and technical descents.

Everyone races against everyone, regardless of which bike (i.e. which course) you’re on. We’ll spend a great deal of time riding trails at the Nordic Centre this summer to find the perfect course balance. Ideally, a strong mountain biker should have a slight advantage on a mountain bike, while a strong CX rider will have an advantage on their cross bike.

You probably want to pre-ride the course on both bikes before you choose which to use. Yes, you can change bikes mid-race (at the lap/tech zone).

This would be a club-sanctioned (not for points) event, hosted by the CMC Bow Cycle club. You can be confident that it will be a quality event in the Cyclemeisters’ tradition.

More information at https://xcxmarathon.wordpress.com/

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