Toonie Tuesday Races: Silvertip Supermax

To be Updated in the Spring for 2018! Be sure to Check Back!


Following in the footsteps of Le Tour starting in Holland and the Vuelta riding a Team Time Trial across a Sandy beach, join RMCC on Tuesday, May 9th for this year’s first road event; involving at least two separate laps up the Silvertip road hill climb, with Toonie points on offer for each run and possibly more Toonie points for a team effort third lap.
Sign on will be 1730 hrs-1755 hrs at the Hotel parking lot at the base of the road, with first starters going off around 1800 hrs. For this event the course will proceed up the road and bear left at the upper intersection; ending just short of the roundabout at the golf course where time will stop, a brief recovery period will follow before subsequent laps up the hill. Remember to bring your angry and it never hurts to carry a bottle of crazy too, these items come in useful when it hurts that much.

Just two dollars to enter and please remember you must be a member of RMCC to participate (or a guest member licensed and insured with another club) and while riding on all public roads and trails, we do so in accordance with the RMCC Code of Conduct.

If any of the working folks find it hard to arrive on time for a 1730 hrs sign on, please just send an email or text to me (noted below) that you wish to participate and you can be added to the start list ahead of time.
Email with any questions you may have. And visit the website for more information and future Toonie Tuesday Races:

Tue May 23- MTB XC at CNC
Tue May 30- ENDURO location TBA
Tue June 6- ENDURO location TBA
Tue June 13- ROAD event TBA
Wed July 12- MTB XC at CNC, Nationals test event
Wed July 19- MTB XC at CNC, Nationals test event

RMCC is pleased to host an informal springtime race series intended to provide a high-quality training and learn-to-race experience for RMCC riders, in a safe and welcoming environment. For those unfamiliar with these races, here are some of the FAQs:

Eligibility: Riders must be a member of RMCC (for insurance coverage), or a member of another licensed and insured club, and ride in accordance with the RMCC Code of Conduct, apart from that; bring a Toonie entry fee (pays for prizes), and a willingness to suffer!

Event format: All races will incorporate a handicapped starting system ensuring that more seasoned riders will have either a time delay or distance addition to make up over beginner riders, so that all riders have an equal chance of winning the same event.

Duration: Events are designed around a total of 20-30 min of hard riding; either in one continuous event or in multiple heats.

Disciplines: Events will alternate between MTB and Road, however many of the MTB events will accommodate a wider variety of riding styles including Cyclocross, Enduro and XC, just as the road events will certainly accommodate a CX bike with slick tires; just look to each event invitation to determine what you can ride.

Schedule: We aim for every other Tuesday, but there will be a bit of juggling around to accommodate specific race schedules and program goals within the club, a tentative schedule for all the events is posted above, and includes an ambitious eight events at present.

Scoring: At each event, the total number of participants will determine the points awarded (but everyone scores points) and a series winner is also crowned.

Start times: Sign on is at 1730 hrs (to accommodate juniors racing for Toonie glory) with start around 1800 hrs in handicapped riding groups to provide every participant a crack at Toonie stardom. If any of the working folks find it hard to arrive on time for a 1730 hrs sign on, please email or text Eric that you wish to participate and you can be added to the start list ahead of time. Eric Jensen: or 403-763-0290.

RMCC can boast of Hill Climb Toonie champions of past who are now professional riders, endurance champions, and hold provincial & national championship titles. So if you are interested in testing yourself, you are most welcome. You never know where it may take you!

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