Rundle’s Revenge

JUNE 23, 2018 – JUNE 24, 2018

Rundle’s Revenge is a two-day fun-fest that includes mountain biking and trail running. No, it’s not a duathlon. Rundle’s Revenge is so much more than that! Where duathlons combine the two events into one day, Rundle’s Revenge gives you a full day for each event.

If you only want to do the mountain biking on Saturday or just the trail running on Sunday, you can! There are shorter courses and longer courses, and for you competitive masochists that both bike and trail run, you can participate both days for maximum pleasure. Bring your A-game to the full donkey and you just might qualify for The Iron Donkey Award. Really…who wouldn’t want to be an Iron Donkey?

When:​ June 23-24th 2018
Cost: Various
Official Hotel: Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge
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2018 Rules to be posted once released! But for now…

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