Shedding Some Light On Road Safety

Days are getting longer, the morning air is a little warmer, and students will soon be out of school. With summer in the air, Canmore’s roads are getting busier too. Canmore recently added about 50km of pavement markings to make it more comfortable for people on bikes to get around town in addition to an existing network of over 80km of incredible multi-use paths. There are also new bike racks, bike maintenance stands, the Benchlands Bike Skills Park got a makeover, and some intersections and crossings have been enhanced for people walking and on bikes

Whether you’re walking, cycling, or in your car, be safe, considerate, and enjoy your summer on the streets!

A clarification on the graphic and text below. Please accept our apologies.
When cycling, only when you dismount will you be considered a pedestrian and only then are you granted right-of-way.

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