Rolling into Christmas in Canmore

Bikes, beer, wine, food, and liquors. Not a bad recipe for an evening in Canmore. Add Sara Renner to the mix and let the good times roll!bikes

Hopping on a bike on a December night in the Canadian Rockies to enjoy food and drink at a handful of revered destinations may sound a bit outlandish. Perhaps it’s that outlandishness or intrigue that has made progressive dinner tours by bike such an incredible success.  These tours by bike throughout the year have evolved from the iconic Canmore Uncorked Olympian progressive dinner tours, and the masses can’t seem to get enough. The latest offering as part of Christmas in Canmore was a Winter Bike Progressive Dinner guided by local Olympian Sara Renner. Twenty people cruising merrily through a winter wonderland to be welcomed by local owners, management, and staff offering mouthwatering fare certainly makes for a night to remember. The gaggle of people on bikes happily rolling from establishment to establishment on a wintery night was symbolic of the success already achieved through the community’s bicycle friendly efforts, but also illustrates that bikes clearly mean business in Canmore.

We can’t wait for the next flavor filled ride!

grizzly paw brewery – sample beer


mountain mercato – trio of crostini


table food + drink – chef’s selection of house cured meats and seafood, imported cheese and house preserves


sage bistro – asian inspired five-spice braised beef short rib parsnip-cinnamon velvet / root vegetable frites / micro cilantro


where the buffalo roam – dessert and signature cocktail


merry riding to all and to all a good night


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