Bike Lanes in Canmore!

For about two decades there’s been talk of shared lanes and bike lanes in Canmore. In May 2015 the Town announced it would be pursuing a pilot project and implement shared lanes or bike lanes on as many of the major connections in town as possible. Ultimately more robust cycling facilities such as pathways or cycle tracks are envisioned for many of the corridors, but the pavement markings that will be completed in July will be a big step toward increasing awareness of cyclists on the roads.

Do the Rules of the Road Change?

Although the shared lane and bike lane symbols will have a major impact increasing awareness of cyclists; bikes have always been permitted on the road by the Alberta Traffic Safety Act and cyclists are expected to follow the rules of the road just like motorists.

What do all the Bike Symbols and Different Crosswalk Markings Mean?

It’s simple… “Watch for cyclists on the road!”

Bike Lanes

Bike lanes will be created where existing painted shoulders already exist by adding bike symbols and directional arrows.

  • Bike Lanes are dedicated exclusively to cyclists.
  • Bike lanes are marked with an image of a bicycle and a directional arrow.
  • Motorists can cross a bike lane when turning into access ways or driveways, and when parking is permitted between the bike lane and the edge of the road. Otherwise motorists should not drive, stop or park within bike lanes.


Shared Lanes

Shared lanes are being created where there is not sufficient width on our existing roads to accommodate dedicated bike lanes. Shared lanes are marked by an image of a bicycle capped by a pair of arrows, commonly called “sharrows”.

  • Sharrows are a reminder that roads are shared by motorists and cyclists.
  • Cyclists are encouraged to ride over the markings but are not required to as they are only a guide.



Elephant’s Feet, Zebra Bars, green paint, white paint… What is this jargon, what is the standard, what does it all mean?

It’s not complicated… “Watch for people walking and biking across the road!”_MG_2453 _MG_2460



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