Bridging Communities In Canmore


With the installation of four new pedestrian/cyclist bridges in Canmore in the past year, Canmore has eliminated some of the major barriers for movement that divide our community.BridgeMap_MG_8967_8_9_tonemapped(rotated)sm_MG_8955_6_7_fused(retouched)smTwo new bridges are now complete over Policeman’s Creek that will help to link communities on either side. These bridges, located at 4th Street and the other at 5th Street, address different paths of travel and were put in place through a partnership with Spring Creek Mountain Village. Without these bridges, pedestrians and cyclists would need to travel an additional 1.2km to reach their same destination on the other side of the Creek.

The third bridge sits over Cougar Creek adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway. While in a new location, this bridge is not completely new to Canmore. Prior to the 2013 flood, this bridge was the pedestrian and cyclist link between the East and West sides of Cougar Creek. As a result of the 2013 flood, this bridge sustained minor damages and was removed to accommodate widening of Cougar Creek for larger flows. After removal, the bridge was repaired to be reused and moved to its new location adjacent to the Trans-Canada highway. This revitalized bridge has eliminated the barrier of Cougar Creek for cyclists and pedestrians using the Cougar Commuter pathway reducing travel distances by 800m, and removed the risk of pedestrians and cyclists using the Trans-Canada Highway as a connection across the creek.

Finally, the fourth new bridge that also spans Cougar Creek to replace the bridge that was removed as a result of the flood. The new bridge is higher, wider, longer, and stronger in comparison to its predecessor. In the event of an emergency the new bridge can now be used to support some vehicle loading. As well as providing an additional emergency access point, this new bridge has reestablished the vital link for students attending Elizabeth Rummel Elementary School, commuters, and many recreational users.


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