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Ride & Transportation Talk on the Legacy

What better way to talk about some of the safe and affordable transportation initiatives that are taking place in the Bow Valley, than by bike on one of the most widely used pathways in the Bow Valley? On June 16th some key people involved in the success of safe and comfortable street for all, including…

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Build Your Community

If you’ve been craving some new single track, these tasty morsels will whet your pallet. But if your appetite for ribbons of radness aren’t satisfied, fear not, there are more delectable goodies ready to be served. “I’ve seen mountain bike rides transform people – not just their bodies, but their way of thinking. Their spirit.”…

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New Trail Concepts Taking Shape in Canmore

Perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in the Bow Valley is our community’s love affair with bikes. Possibly a worse kept secret is that the Town of Canmore is working on creating a series of modern progressive mountain bike trails paralleling Benchlands Trail. Of course neither of those things were ever actually secrets. But pretending they were is kinda fun. This…

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Ever Wish For New Trails?

Back on April 1st there was a misleading article suggesting that CATS were building trails in Canmore. While that article was slightly more authentic than Trump tweets, it still seems only right to provide you with some reading that has a bit more substance. Something to chew on, something to savor and enjoy, something with more meat to…

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Shedding Some Light On Road Safety

Days are getting longer, the morning air is a little warmer, and students will soon be out of school. With summer in the air, Canmore’s roads are getting busier too. Canmore recently added about 50km of pavement markings to make it more comfortable for people on bikes to get around town in addition to an…

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